Discovering places and stories of the past

Walks, views and culture: discovering the history of the Paganella Plateau. A holiday at a slow pace, between the past and the present on the traces of the history of the territory. For those curious to discover the atmosphere of the past and the hidden corners of the area, here are our tips for a cultural holiday in the Paganella Dolomites.

We do not offer you a pre-packaged package because we do not want to limit you, but we want to inspire you for your next holidays!

  • The ruins of Castel Belfort in Spormaggiore which date back to 1311 will immediately catapult you into the Middle Ages; but be careful, legend has it that the ghost of one of the landowners – Count Cristoforo Reifer of Altspaur – still roams its ruins today.
  • The three Cavedago bridges are from different eras, built one on top of the other to adapt to the changes in traffic from 1200 to the present day. A one-of-a-kind bridge that tells the story of the road network in the area.
  • Immersed in the nature of Fai della Paganella, evidence of a bygone era resurfaces. A thematic trail will lead you through the remains of a beautiful Rhaetian village, an important testimony of an ancient population that inhabited this area in a remote era.
  • Do you want to hear some stories from the town of Andalo? Andalo Dolomiti has created a series of podcasts “Curious itineraries” in very particular places in Andalo; you can listen to compelling stories handed down from father to son and discover little corners of the past where you can go back in time.
  • The Venetian Taialacqua sawmill in Molveno – built around 1500 – is the testimony of the economy and cooperation of the population of that time and is one of the few survivors of Trentino. The mechanism of the sawmill was and still is water-based and is periodically put into operation for demonstration purposes.
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