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Winter programme

The activities available on the Paganella Plateau throughout the year are truly endless!

Here are a few winter suggestions:


Obviously, skiing in its various forms is the main activity during the winter.

Alpine skiing has always been a winter tradition in Paganella. The slopes are located on the north west slope, extending to a height of 2125 metres, from where you can plunge into the green spruce forests and reach the very centre of the town of Andalo!

Broad, curving slopes, where the snow is constantly on the ground, maintained with the greatest of care and attention to safety, stretching as far as Andalo to the west and Fai della Paganella to the north. The Paganella ski area is an avant-garde facility with convenient, fast ski lifts and, where necessary, artificial snow machines covering all the slopes, which means that skiing is guaranteed from the start of December until well into the spring.

Snowboarding: the ski slopes and woods of the Plateau are ideal for snowboarders. This is a sport that's been around for twenty years or so, but which has only recently obtained official recognition.

Cross-country skiing: for Nordic ski enthusiasts, Andalo has 2 circuits which start at the Andalo Sports Centre, an easy route that runs round the lake and a more technical circuit that penetrates the nearby forests, offering just the right balance between fun and sporting challenge, to guarantee a fantastic adventure in the tranquil, natural surroundings.

Ski mountaineering: this is an exciting alternative to the traditional ski slopes, introducing you to another world! To leave the crowded ski slopes behind and venture into the silent mountains on skis with ski skins is an incomparable experience.

SNOWSHOEING: snowshoes enable the user to walk on deep snow without sinking. It's an easy way of experiencing a new adventure, even for beginners, bringing you up close to life on the mountains in the winter. Learn to recognise the footprints of the animals, the surrounding vegetation and the secrets of the forest. This is an activity that's ideal for everybody, adults and children alike, with no special training necessary!

SNOWCAT EXCURSIONS: this is a convenient way of exploring the heart of the Dolomites and reaching one of the mountain shelters in the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, where you can taste the specialities of Trentino Alto Adige at lunch and dinner.

ANDALO SLED DOG CENTRE: we organise excursions on sledges drawn by teams of dogs, accompanied by an instructor, who'll lead you into the magical land of the Brenta Dolomites.


The Andalo Riding Centre organises one hour excursions on horse drawn sledges, offering unforgettable sights in the snow-covered forests of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park.

A unique experience, to be enjoyed by the family, with friends or your partner!

In winter, the Andalo riding centre offers lots of activities, from horse riding to horse drawn sledges, ponies for children and special stabling for horses.


At Laghet, near Andalo, you can experience the excitement of medium-powered electric go-karts, offering excellent performance on a surface of natural or artificial ice in absolutely safe conditions. The Ice Racing is an innovative idea which combines all the fun of classic go-karts with environment friendly electric power sources. It's exciting, safe and ecological, with vehicles that make no noise and don't pollute the atmosphere.

ICE SKATING: the Andalo indoor ice rink, offering a comprehensive range of services, is open all the year round, for those who just want to have fun on the ice and groups of enthusiasts looking for a more challenging sporting experience.